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Introduction to Measurement Devices

Measurement Devices Group Shot

Measurement Devices Technical Seminar Overview

Fluid system measurement devices typically exhibit several common characteristics. These characteristics, along with performance criteria, will be covered in this module.

You will be confident in discussing the various types of fluid system measurement components including:

  • Pressure Gauges
  • Transducers (Transmitters)
  • Flowmeters
  • Bimetal Thermometers

Upon completion, you should be able to identify:

  • What is a Pressure gauge?
    - Pressure Gauge Operating Principles (Bourdon Tube)
  • What is a Pressure Transducer/Transmitter?
    - Transducers/Transmitters-Functions
  • What is a Variable Area Flowmeter (VAF)?
    - Flowmeters-Variable Area Flowmeters-Functions
  • What is a Bi-Metal-Thermometer?
    - Bimetal Thermometer Operating Principle

Duration: 1.5 Hours*

*Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Hours that meet provincial requirements.

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