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Swagelok Central Ontario

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Swagelok Hose Advisors

Swagelok Hose Advisor Phil Daniels

Phil Daniels is a certified Hose Advisor for Swagelok Central Ontario and Atlantic Canada.

Phil is passionate about finding application solutions through field services and analysis. He will work with you to best understand your needs and goals for improving your hose systems.
Learn more about Phil's experience and how he can help you.
Prevent Hose Damage

Hose Advisory Services (HAS) take the pressure off of you.

Failed hose assemblies require time and resources you just don't have. It's better to be prepared by taking a preventative approach. Let Swagelok Hose Advisory Services help. From reduced maintenance costs and extended hose life to increased safety, we're here to take the pressure off of you.
See how this unique program reduces costs and increases your safety.
Extend the Life of Your Hose

How To Extend The Life of Your Hose.

The Top Ten:
1) Inspection
2) Vibration
3) Length
4) Minimum Bend Radius
5) Close Bends
6) Hose Strain
7) Motion Absorption
8) Pressure Changes
9) Bend in One Plane
10) Static Electricity
Learn how all of these factors affect the life of your hose.

Hose Assembly

How To Select The Right Hose Assembly.

The right hose keeps your process performing safely and cost effectively. The wrong hose could undermine your process, put people at risk, and compromise your bottom line - sometimes without you being aware of it.
Read our useful tips to help you select the right hose for your application.
Flexible Hose Application

We Have The Flexibility To Tackle Challenging Applications.

Swagelok offers a broader range of hose than you may realize--from the toughness of all-metal stainless steel hose to the easy flow of PTFE-lined smooth bore or easy flexibility of PTFE-lined convoluted-bore hose reinforced by stainless steel or synthetic braid in the lengths you need.
See the many ways we can support your hose applications.